Welcome to Mission Bell United Methodist Church.

We believe God’s vision for us is a transformed world through Jesus. Our mission is to Make Disciples of Jesus Christ. One with Christ, One with Each Other, One in Ministry to the entire world. With our open hearts, open minds and open doors, Mission Bell could be referred to as “the church that never closes”. Many people pass in and out of our buildings all throughout the week. You are truly welcome here. We provide many opportunities for Christian fellowship and study for people of all ages along with numerous other Ministry & Community Outreach opportunities. We would love the opportunity to share the word of god with you, your family and friends. We hope that this website provides the opportunity to learn more about our church and its ministries.


Mission Bell United Methodist Church will be a faith community where

  • People are led to become disciples of Jesus Christ
  • Children and youth are cherished and are provided a haven to learn the teachings of Christ that guide their lives
  • All of God’s children experience a growing relationship with God through open doors, open minds and open hearts
  • Technology enhances the worship experience and is an avenue to spread the joys of Mission Bell United Methodist Church
  • The ever-changing needs of our community are met through missions and outreach
  • A variety of worship leads people into a deeper relationship with God
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