Pastor’s Pontification

So, this week we will have our first ‘Single Board Governance’ meeting on Wednesday (Sept 13) at 7:00 PM.  You may be asking, “What the heck is that”?  It is a new governing board model recommended by the United Methodist Conference for 21st century churches.  The SBG consists of three (3) members from the SPRC; three (3) members from the finance committee; three (3) members from the trustees; the lay leader; a shared facilitator role (pastor and lay church member); and one or two members selected at large.

If you have been a part of the United Methodist Church for some time, you will know the governing body of the church as the Administrative Council.  When I was younger (much) it was called the Administrative Board.  Well, it is that which was… is the governing body of the local UMC and we call it Single Board Governance.  In the past it took too long for the church to take ‘action’ on critical growth ideas, issues and plans.  We will be operating from a “Just Say Yes” ( Bishop Robert Schnase’s book on growing and productive churches) and we will begin the process of growing Mission Bell UMC.

In the recent past, churches with limited numbers of leaders have adopted new forms of governance.  The State of Arizona registers all non-profit organizations (of which the church is one) and requests the listing of the ‘board of directors’.  In the past the members of the Board of Trustees were listed as the board of directors of our not-for-profit organization.  Currently we only have two or three registered trustees.  With the SBG the members of the governance team will become the board of directors.

The responsibility of the SBG is to keep the church focused on its vision, mission and goals (short and long term).  The day-to-day operations of the church is the responsibility of the pastor.  Your current pastor does not act unilaterally.  When an issue arises the pastor consults his SBG co-facilitator and/or members of the SBG (finance, trustees or Staff Parish Relations Committee).

In the future the SPRC could be known as the Human Resources Team; the Board of Trustees as the ‘Property Management Team’; and the Finance Committee as the ‘Budget and Fiance Team’. The other groups providing local leadership will be seen as action-oriented-teams (education, vitality, etc).

The success of the SBG model is dependent upon COMMUNICATION (between SBG members, the congregation, the community and The Conference).

The future of Mission Bell is bright and positive.  The SBG will focus on growing Mission Bell spiritually and numerically.

We would love your support and encouragement as we move forward.

Yours in Christ,



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