Welcoming the New Pastor

Mission Bell UMC is welcoming Pastor Doug the first week of July, here is some common sense information about how to welcome a new pastor. Let’s all help make Pastor Doug’s transition go smoothly.

  1. Pray for him daily
  2. Love and honor the pastor’s family
  3. Tell the pastor and family your name – again
  4. Don’t gossip
  5. Speak encouragement
  6. Introduce the pastor leaders – in the church and in the community
  7. Let the pastor set the pace
  8. Don’t offer a million suggestions
  9. Don’t prejudge
  10. Extend the honeymoon – give him time to acclimate, to learn the church and it’s people.  Love him even if he makes changes.

God brought this pastor to our church, God wants to use him here. Let God do as God intended.

Download the Pastors Weekly Message